FTFa – intranet and website

Cooperation, Websites


Compent has designed FTFa’s new website, updated their key-it-in-yourself solution and developed a new intranet for FTFa’s 300 staff, who work in all parts of Denmark.

Compent has been responsible for preliminary analyses, prototyping, planning and implementation of all the platforms from the beginning and has worked closely with FTFa’s communication department and IT department.

The website and FTFa’s key-it-in-yourself solution are based on Umbraco. This applies also to the intranet although its core is Uintra.
It took a year to design these three projects. The website was launched in March 2017, the key-it-in-yourself function was launched in August 2017 and the intranet was launched in 2017.

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