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My Lind & Risør

Improved service with new customer portal.

Lind & Risør is a Danish architect and construction company that delivers full service in construction projects. Building a new house is a big decision and can be both hectic and chaotic. In order to ensure a safe and convenient process, Lind & Risør has partnered up with Compent to develop an online customer portal. The portal is called “My Lind & Risør” and makes it easy for customers to stay calm by maintaining a complete overview of their building projects throughout the process.

A Portal that Makes Every Step Manageable

A building process is generally complicated and difficult to comprehend. In order to make the process more transparent, Lind & Risør has partnered up with Compent to develop an online portal that makes it easy for home builders to access documents regarding their construction cases and follow their building processes. The online portal which carries the name, “My Lind & Risør”, is the result of excellent teamwork around needs and requirements followed by three sprints of prototyping, design, and implementation.

We chose to work with Compent because they immediately understood our ideas. We fell for their very down-to-earth approach to solving our problems and meeting our needs.
Anders Christensen, Head of IT, Lind & Risør

My Lind & Risør

“My Lind & Risør” is developed to provide transparency for home builders during a building process and make it easier for them to stay updated. The portal gathers all relevant documents and information in the same place and makes sure everything is accessible 24/7. Further, the portal encompasses a customized FAQ and a dynamic time plan, so house builders can check the status of their building projects and know exactly how to move forward and when to move in.

Compent had a professional approach to our desires, and we have achieved a great result that is tailored to our needs and provides great value to our customers
Anders Christensen, Head of IT, Lind & Risør
Constuction worker

Optimization of Resources and Customer Experience

Beyond improving construction experiences for home builders, the portal makes it possible for Lind & Risør to optimize their services by sending notification updates about the progress of a building process as well as actions and decisions that need to be made, e.g., in relation to material choices or signing various contracts and agreements. In that way, the portal can both help to improve the overall customer experience of home builders and the use of organisational resources.