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(BSF, Building Damage Foundation) Embarks on a Digital Future as a Knowledge Center

The purpose of BSF is to inspect new and renovated housing construction that is publicly supported, as well as to cover and limit building damage. To create improvements, BSF contributes with knowledge and resources that can increase quality in the building and construction sector while making it more efficient.

In the Spring of 2020, BSF took contact to Compent in order to develop a new website and secure their development as a knowledge center. BSF experienced a need to step into a new digital era by becoming an online distributor of knowledge and resources. In the future, publications from the past should be accessible online while new publications should be born digitally.

WCAG - Accessibility Requirements

As a public institution, it is obligatory for BSF to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG, Level AA) for web and phone. Consequently, the new BSF website needed to be easily accessible for everybody, including people with disabilities. Working with WCAG requires care and attention but is often rewarding and improves usability and performance in general.


Online Publishing and Facilitated Search

In order to streamline tasks associated with publication and knowledge sharing, the new website is developed to distribute information and provide easy access to all kinds of resources from BSF. To help make the process more efficient, we have used an ‘Elastic Search’ engine which on the one hand works extremely fast, and on the other hand, can manage and learn from the growing number of searches. Being an intelligent device, the search engine can handle human errors such as spelling mistakes and help users find the answers they need.

Collaboration on Requirements and Usability

The entire process - from the very beginning until the launch of the complete website - has been characterised by teamwork and collaboration. Focusing on needs has made us capable of meeting the specific requirements of BSF through an efficient course of needs coverage, prototyping, and design. Further, the process has included several tests, including user tests, in order to reach a result that is tested end-to-end and works optimally for all.

Webdesign layout

A Solution with Internal and External Value

With the new website, BSF meets the WCAG requirements and has achieved a result that makes them work much more efficiently as an organisation. Going digital means that BSF is always within reach and makes it easy for everybody to find the knowledge and resources they need. Thus, the digital development has made it a lot easier for BSF to fulfill their ambitions to be a knowledge center that contributes to the progression of the building and construction sector.