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Compent helps organisations with digitization. We change internal work processes and external business processes.

.NET development

All of our developers in Denmark, Poland and the Ukraine are dedicated to Microsoft .NET. We love patterns, and we have a QA department that is specially geared to ensure quality control.

Agile processes

We can only help you through involvement. We do not believe in extensive specifications and development by means of the waterfall model. You need to learn along the way.

User experience

If users do not feel that it works, your project will not become a success. This is why we always base our projects on what users need when we define projects and when we improve the experience along the way.

Case: TV 2

This digital campaign has won the following awards:

  • 2015 European Gold, ‘Promotional Interactive Applications’
  • 2015 International Promax BDA Gold, ‘Interactive Applications.’

Read TV 2 case here

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