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Compent is a danish partner operated development company started in 2009. We're excited about adding value to organisations, improving them through digitisation.

Compent was founded in the crisis year of 2009. At this time budgets were tight and many organisations looked around for a more cost effective way to develop their needed IT-projects.

Compent is led by Jeppe Basse, Martin Jespersen and Vadym Matsukatov. Our main office is located in Copenhagen and comprised of a multidisciplinary team. Being of an international mindset, from the beginning we have been focused on recruiting highly speciallized people from around the world, to bring the most value to our clients.

We aim to break down the classic relation between client and agency. We focus on building a cooperative organizational approach to give the most value back to our clients.

Compent 2022
The team in Copenhagen 2022. From the left: Vadym, Olena M., Jeppe, Natalia, Olena K. og Martin.

Therefore transparency and the involvement of all stakeholders is very important to us. We don't add many new clients every year and we operate on a minimal marketing budget. On the other hand we have many long term relationships that we continuously work with.

We believe in that the best results comes with openness and close working relations. We call Compent - The Always Open Agency! Perhaps we're a match? In that case please do contact us for more information.

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