Compent helps organisations with digitalisation. Together we change internal workflow and external business processes.

We deliver high quality - and keep what we promise

Compent delivers solutions within the areas of e-commerce, self-service, colaboration, customer portals and Apps. Having Compent as a partner guarantees that your product is of good quality and delivered to the agreed price.


E-commerce / webshops

We make platforms for B2B, B2C and C2C. Webshops or in-store solutions with intergration to Navision, E-conomic and Uniconta.


Self-service systems

Digitisation of business processes. MitID integration, automated e-mail flow and integration to other systems.


Intranet and colaboration

Extra- and intranet platforms based on Umbraco. Digital communities and knowledge sharing, making the right information available.


CMS websites (Umbraco)

Get a handle on publishing, media, editors and user access with Umbraco CMS.

Customer portal

Customer portals

Giving customers access to data 24/7, making processes more simple and increases loyalty and customer satisfaction


Apps for iOS and Android

We build Apps for businesses with GoNative for iOS and Android, using one base code across platforms with .NET.

How we build digital products

The individual steps in the whole process are important in making sure the final product is a success.

Understand needs correctly

We always start with the needs. Organisational needs and the different use cases different user groups have. What can be defined as a succcess - and how this can be measured after the project is finished?


Projects don't work if they're not understandable to the users who are going to use it. We always do a full prototype for the full project before we start work.

User involvement

We always involve the relevant stakeholders early in the process to make sure the final product lives up to real needs. We typically do qualitative interviews with focus groups - but also use questionnaires where appropriate.

User involvement should be done early in the project - but can also be added after implementation to qualify the useablity of the developed product, and make additional small changes.


We develop projects in 2-3 week sprints. In this way we can demo what has been done and adapt functionality in the case it is needed. We always work in a Microsoft environment (Azure cloud) and use JIRA for project management.

Quality assurance

We do dedicated quality assurance for each of our projects. We have both manual Test (TestRail) and Test automation (Selenium) attached to all bigger projects. Besides this we test multiple operating systems, phones and browser versions along side OWASP based security tests.

Service and maintenance

We take responsibility for both development of new projects and servicing what we have built. This is why we a long term relationship with many of our clients. We always prioritize secure service and tracking along side maintenance tasks when they occur.

Our standard service agreement is your guarantee for stability in service and the right price for tracking, service and adjustments without raised prices. For public clients like ministries among others, we have specific service agreements which are adapted to the specific service environment (like Statens IT).
Compent had a professional approach to our wishes and we have the feeling of getting a strong product tailored to our needs, adding much value to our customers
Anders Christensen, Head of IT, Lind & Risør