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Shamballa Jewels

Order system, webshop and in-store 3D jewelery designer for 60+ stores worldwide.

Shamballa Jewels is founded on a revolutionary approach to jewelry design and delivers handmade products of the highest quality. Every piece of jewelry can be designed, produced and customized to be 100% unique and personal for the customer which makes it essential for retailers all over the world to access previous orders and showcase possible justification alternatives based on their inventory.

In 2017, Shamballa Jewels launched their new order management system which is based on Umbraco/Ucommerce. Among the unique features is a 3D jewelry designer for iPad display to be used by retailers all over the world. Based on the inventory which is downloaded directly from the ERP system of Shamballa Jewels, the 3D jewelry designer can showcase all possible justification alternatives for a piece of jewelry.
Shamballa Jewels
A parallel part of the project was the conversion of previous orders with the purpose of enabling customers to visit any Shamballa Jewels retailer in the world with the opportunity to visualise possible jewelry changes via lock numbers. After the latest update, customers can access the jewelry designer themselves to experiment with justifications as well as to order new jewelry online via their own devices. When a piece of jewelry is ordered, it is transferred directly to the new order management system where everything from order confirmation to priority, production, shipping and invoicing is handled. Try Shamballa Jewels’ jewelry designer here.
Global in-store sales platform - A short video that shows the internal processing and how the 3D jewelry designer is used for retailers all over the world.

A Holistic Solution With Many Advantages

The new order management system contains a wide range of advantages that help optimize Shamballa Jewels' workflows. Among others, the following advantages are relevant to highlight:

  • Customer Experience
    The 3D jewelry designer enables customers to experience jewelry in 3D before ordering. The tool makes it possible for everybody to visualise all possibilities and make their own unique designs online or on iPad in stores.
  • Transparency
    The solution secures that prices are always up to date worldwide, and makes visible all available justification possibilities in the individual, local shops.
  • Fewer errors
    The production can see exactly what has been ordered with precise item number and visualization.
  • Smooth and Fast Delivery
    The digital order management system ensures that the production team can see the exact orders with item numbers and visualization. From the moment a piece of jewelry is ordered, the customer and retailer can follow its journey and see how far in the process it is till the time it is finished and can be handed over to the customer.
We have worked closely with Compent to improve our sales process. We are very happy with the result!
Sofie, Digital Project Leader - Shamballa Jewels

With the solution, Shamballa Jewels has gained an efficient order management system that makes it easy to give unique and personal experiences to customers all over the world.