Continued fashion

Rental service and C2C platform

Compent Helps Continued Fashion Create a Greener Fashion Industry

Continued Fashion is a digitally born, innovative startup that helps established fashion brands recirculate their products through rental and resale services.

Continued Fashion gives access to the necessary technological and logistical setup brands need to add rental and resale offers to their business models. Beyond transitioning to more circular businesses, the digital setup helps Continued brands gain valuable insights into how their products perform in the use phase and in a longer-term perspective.

A Continuous and Close Collaboration

Our partnership with Continued Fashion is ongoing and close. After a thorough development and test phase, the first service offers went live in 2019 when the renowned Danish fashion brands GANNI and By Malene Birger launched their respective rental platforms GANNI REPEAT and RENT THE LOOK By Malene Birger. Today, Continued Fashion has partnered up with several progressive fashion brands throughout Scandinavia which, thereby, have gained a stronger position in the development of a greener fashion industry.

From Rental through Take-Back and Resale

Compent has developed the technological setup which enables Continued Fashion to manage the logistical service offers that empower fashion brands to recirculate their products in scale. Through tailormade Umbraco back offices, the individual fashion brand gets access to a variety of features and data. The back offices are integrated with a number of workstations that makes it easy for Continued Fashion to take care of orders and serve end customers on behalf of the brands. In addition to becoming more circular and gaining insights about their products and customers, the brands become capable of providing new dynamic customer journeys by partnering up with Continued Fashion. In 2020, the jury of Danish Design Award listed Continued Fashion as a finalist in the category Game Changer.

The platform empowers fashion brands to grow profit in a sustainable way while extending the life of their products. It can make us all reconsider how we produce and consume as well as how we use resources
Jury, Danish Design Award, 2020

Continuous Development and Innovation

Today, Continued fashion can manage rental services online and via an in-store solution that is made for physical stores. The needs and desires to innovate have neither decreased nor stopped. The latest project has been a user-to-user resale solution that makes fashion brands able to facilitate peer-to-peer resale of their own products without taking them back. In this project, Compent has helped Continued Fashion develop a matchmaking engine that automatically collects product data and sets prices in a fully automated, intelligent system that creates a frictionless customer experience. The solution went live with the launch of Holzweiler Re:vive in February 2021.

Change-Making Results

Our team work with Continued Fashion helps create a greener fashion industry that rests on circular economy principles. With Continued Fashion’s products and services, fashion brands can offer more responsible consumption alternatives and learn about the long-term value and lifecycle of their designs. Thus, the solutions can ultimately help design and produce far better products in the future. Our collaboration with Continued Fashion shows an example of how digital and technological solutions can help create meaningful change in the physical world.

With this solution, the responsibility of waste generation transitions from being a societal problem to being a problem for design companies and producers. Thereby, the platform can be a “game changer” for the existing industry which will undoubtedly spawn more similar solutions
Jury, Danish Design Award, 2020