Having users engage themselves in an intranet, extranet or a work space requires the platform to be adapted to the organisation, that access is quick from everywhere and that the right information is easily accessible to users. Our primary platform is the Umbraco-based Uintra.

Workflow Systems

By efficiency-improving and automating processes digitally you can optimise an organisation. We analyse the entire business area, build where it is necessary and integrate with other IT systems where it makes sense (AD, ERP, CRM, etc.).


Development of Ecommerce solutions and business-critical systems that support your business all the way in terms of sales, production and logistics. We integrate with C5, Navision, Economic and several other ERP systems. We implement almost all solutions on Ucommerce.


We develop websites that fit organisations perfectly based on Umbraco CMS – both on-premise and UaaS. Typically, we use a range of other components such as Elastic Search, Mailchimp; Juicer.IO, etc.

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