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New WCAG 2.1 AA optimized Umbraco website

BIOFOS is the biggest wastewater organisation in Denmark and cleans wastewater for 1,2 million citizens in and around Copenhagen. As a municipal organisation, BIOFOS plays a central role in the daily lives of several Danes and in the overall development of a more sustainable water environment in Denmark.

Together with Compent, BIOFOS has developed a new website,, that strengthens the visibility of the organisation and makes it easy for stakeholders to stay updated and keep track of its activities.

WCAG - Accessibility Requirements

As a public institution, it was obligatory for the new BIOFOS website to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG, Level AA) for web and phone. Consequently, the website is developed to be easy to access and extremely user-friendly for everybody, including people with disabilities. The website is bilingual and can be accessed in both Danish and English.

An Efficient Communication Platform

The relaunch of is connected to a need of strengthening the visibility of the organisation by making their work and societal impacts more transparent to all kinds of stakeholders. The website provides access to various kinds of information and contains a news feed and a simple menu that makes navigation completely straightforward and intuitive.

BIOFOS desktop and mobile website

A Collaborative Process of Three Sprints

The relaunch of BIOFOS’s website is a result of a longer collaboration and development where new digital desires and needs naturally emerge. Following a track of meetings focusing on expectations and requirements to the new website, a collaborative process in three sprints consisting of prototype, design and implementation followed.

A Website to Strengthen the Organizational Reputation

With their new website, BIOFOS has gained a public channel that makes it easy to share information and distribute relevant news while contributing to the general interest and information of the public. As such, the website helps make the societal importance and value of BIOFOS more visible.

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