Cphbusiness Intranet

Umbraco Intranet for Cphbusiness

Uintra has Improved Internal Collaboration in Cphbusiness for 460 employees.

Cphbusiness is the largest business academy in Denmark. Thus, it requires an effective internal communication system to work efficiently.

In order to improve organisational accessibility and make it possible to collaborate, share and exchange information across the institution, Cphbusiness has developed an intranet based on Compent’s Uintra. The intranet can be accessed 24/7 and gathers all organisational units at one common platform where employees can check in and work together independently from time and location.

Uintra - A Brief Introduction to the Intranet

The intranet is developed as a user platform for the 460 Cphbusiness employees to access from any device (phone, tablets, computers), no matter where in the world they are. All employees are connected to the intranet with a personal login that gives them easy access to the internal network of the organisation where all relevant information is gathered.

Intranet with Uintra / Umbraco

Needs, Functionality and Process

Before starting the development and collaborative process with Compent, Cphbusiness made a list of needs and requirements for their future intranet and its functionalities. Among the needs was a desire for employees to be able to make and share posts with everybody in the organisation as well as the possibility of “liking” and commenting on them. Beyond this, Cphbusiness requested an opportunity for employees to engage themselves in smaller digital networks through a group function. Uintra could meet all needs which made it easy for Cphbusinesss to choose Compent as their intranet provider. We kicked off the collaboration with a series of meetings concerning the concrete needs of Cphbusiness. The result of the meetings was a prototyping process which quickly made us achieve a great result.

The team in Compent was easily available, working effectively and meeting deadlines throughout the process. They understood our needs but were also guiding us to make the right decisions
Anders Molls Axelsen, Communication Employee

Results through Ease of Use

A big strength of the intranet is that it is built as a recognizable SoMe platform which makes it easy to use. For Cphbusiness, it means that it has not been necessary to offer any training or to do anything extraordinary to engage and motivate their employees to use it.

On an institutional level, Cphbusiness has the experience that their employees are more than happy with the intranet. It has decreased the distance between organisational units and improved the possibility for everybody to update themselves, find information and stay connected. Beyond this, the rate of satisfaction among Cphbusiness employees has increased due to the improved possibility to communicate effectively to targeted audiences.