• 15. april 2021

    Team Denmark launches an app for Danish top athletes

    In collaboration with Compent Team Denmark has developed a custom app which is tailored to meet the needs of the atheles. The app gathers all communication interfaces in one destination and makes it easy to communicate, stay updated and manage various activities. The app represents a one-stop solution which can be used no matter where the athletes are and what time it is - in Denmark and abroad.

  • 20. june 2019

    Circular e-commerce presentation at Umbraco Codegarden 2019

    The fashion industry is in deep trouble. Brands abuse scarce resources, they overproduce to create more consumption and growth, and have a huge credibility problem with consumers who require sustainable action. In others words: It is time for a new model. View the presentation on circular e-commerce from Umbraco Codegarden 2019.

  • 27. may 2019

    E-commerce: Compent wins best e-commerce case with Shamballa Jewels 2019

    Thursday evening the best e-commerce case was celebrated at the yearly FDIH award show in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen. Compent was nominated together with Shamballa Jewels in the category “Best e-commerce case 2019” for Shamballa Jewels Global Sales Platform. We are super proud to walk away with the first price being nominated among other strong e-commerce cases.

  • 18. september 2018

    Why you don't need an onsite .NET / Umbraco consultant

    The use of IT consultants is a big market and in many industries there is a consensus that this can be a good way to solve tasks that are beyond the primary competencies of the company or as a way to reach the goal faster in a project that have high priority. But the use of short-term on-site consultants is a risky affair if you have a longer term strategy and have a outright development project.

  • 5. june 2018

    Compent wins Best New Tech Award at Umbraco Codegarden 18 with Shamballa Jewels

    Every year the best Umbraco projects are elected at the Umbraco Codegarden conference and a total of 10 awards in various categories are awarded among several hundred projects. This year Compent won in the category Best New Tech with the Shamballa Jewels In-store Jewelry Designer.

  • 7. march 2018

    Why your next Umbraco project should be Headless

    We have just upgraded our internal baseline to Headless / .NET Core and will describe the main points for why you should consider Headless architecture for your next Umbraco project. A Headless CMS project means that the classic dependency between the CMS platform and the presentation layer have been removed. This means in practice that front-end is physically separate from the back-end, and you can therefore develop the presentation layer independently of the CMS platform version.

  • 1. november 2017

    New version of Uintra for download from

    Many intranets are developed on Umbraco, but no standard platform has existed for a long time that you have been able to use from our.umbraco. With uIntra it has become easier to develop an intranet on Umbraco without having to start from scratch. A short while ago we placed version on our.umbraco for free download. Among the new functions are groups, emoticons and comments on articles plus many small updates.

  • 4. april 2017

    Intranet with Umbraco?

    Umbraco is what you might call a classic system for web publication and presentation. For this reason it is often not associated with intranet use where functions such as decentralised administration, work group functionality, member management, document management and rights-based searching are among the most critical features. However, this does not mean that Umbraco cannot be used for intranets simply because all features do not appear out of the box in Umbraco. Whether Umbraco is the best choice for intranets therefore depends on which functional needs you have concerning your intranet.

  • 4. january 2017

    Crisis management of IT projects – a 10 point checklist

    Something that characterizes many of the projects that we undertake for our customers is that they start from an existing project that has gone wrong. When a project has gone wrong, the reason may be misunderstandings between the former supplier and the customer about how the project was to turn out, that internal members of staff are not qualified in the field to which the project belongs, inadequate or poor technical implementation or perhaps simply deficient routines. It can be hard to tell if the problems are caused by one thing or the other without doing a thorough analysis, but if you go through the ten points below, it might be easier to obtain an overview of how problems may occur.

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