Compent wins best e-commerce case

May 27, 2019 written by Jeppe Basse

Thursday evening the best e-commerce case was celebrated at the yearly FDIH award show in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen. Compent was nominated together with Shamballa Jewels in the category “Best e-commerce case 2019” for Shamballa Jewels Global Sales Platform. We are super proud to walk away with the first price being nominated among other strong e-commerce cases.


what separates Shamballa Jewels Global Sales platform from the other cases is it not being a webshop but rather an online sales platform. It can be used by more than 60 of Shamballa Jewel’s retail stores around the world. 

"The collaboration between Compent and Shamballa Jewels has meant that the Ferrari-product got the Ferrari-solution it deserves. The visual work is excellent, the customer experience has been elevated significantly and delivery issues have been reduced with 80% due to efficient inventory management and better data gathering has alleviated sales efforts both online and in retail stores around the world."
The Jury

Winners in the category were:

1. Compent for Shamballa Jewels
2. Hesehus for Babysam
3. Raptor for Bog&Idé

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Photo: FDIH/Vinea Media