Agile processes

We attempt to perform development iterations that are as small as possible and we involve both project owners and target groups in collaboration.
When you make use of agile methods, you do not always know from the beginning what will be the result. But it is obviously possible to know the objective and the framework and begin by developing the things you are sure will work. In this way you avoid ending up with a project that complies with specifications, but will not work in real life or is not prioritised in the right way.


We use different methods depending on whether we are developing a simple campaign website or a complex workflow system. But when we include all stakeholders from the beginning, we know that we will achieve the best possible result.
Using agile methods means you learn along the way. It also requires that you have the courage to go live at an early point, receive feedback with an open mind and get wiser.

We don’t need an accurate document. We need a shared understanding.

Jeff Patton
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