Team Danmark

Team Danmark

Fixed allocated team. Digital platform for athletes, federations, schools and other stakeholders.

We have worked closely with Team Danmark since 2009 and helped them with a wide range of digitalization efforts.

Along the way we have worked with many different stakeholders such as Team Danmark’s staff, sports unions, schools and athletes, all of whom have been active in the transformation efforts.
 As goes for many of our large partners, Team Danmark has a permanently allocated team that deals with everyday IT support tasks.

Digitalization of support concept towards the Olympics in Tokyo 2021

An important reason for Danish athletes’ success in Rio has been Team Danmark’s sharp focus on supporting the leagues and athletes with the best chances of winning. Team Danmark and Compent have worked on digitalizing the entire process of selection and allocation of support for leagues to ensure funds are used in the best possible way and ensure there is a transparent frame of reference between leagues and economic prioritizations.

The master plan works like this: Team Danmark sets up uniform objectives for all leagues, and then the individual leagues answer electronically and state how they will meet the objectives. The master plan is a workflow system that makes it possible for Team Danmark and the leagues’ consultants to work with one another until a legal basis has been agreed on. The electronic basis is then signed for a specific contract period if the league is selected for a partnership. After it has been signed, efforts can be adjusted within the agreed framework.

Compent is one of our preferred partners.
Thomas Penter, IT Manager, Team Danmark

The new version has been brought about as a result of evaluations in the leagues about what they want from the new platform. One of the greatest strengths of the former platform was the transparency of the programme and the opportunity for Team Danmark to compare leagues on the basis of the same criteria. This remains an important feature of the new version, but it is now possible to work in a more flexible way and continually change and adjust efforts and objectives. In other words it has become easier to make changes along the way when the need arises.

The new platform is MVC-based and the entire front-end has been designed with AngularJS. For this reason it is much faster and it has become possible to change individual spaces, which are then saved. The entire integration layer with Team Danmark’s other systems has also been changed to an updated API model. In this way the programme now has a cleaner interface to all the other systems that we have developed for Team Danmark.

Foto © Yellows for Team Danmark