New WCAG 2.1 AA website on Umbraco

GI works for the ongoing maintenance and development of private rental properties so that the economic, architectural and environmental value of the properties is always preserved and improved. As an investment fund, GI supports the individual landlords financially and invests in knowledge that can help future-proof buildings and improve the building sector.

In collaboration with Compent, GI has developed a new website,, which prepares the organization for a digital future with improved opportunities to communicate and share knowledge.

WCAG - Accessibility Requirements

The new GI website complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG, Level AA) for web and phone. This improves usability and performance in general and means that the website is easily accessible for everybody, including people with disabilities.

GI interface

Online Course Registration and Publication

The new website is developed to publish and distribute publications, making it easy to access, download and order material from GI. With a system based on ease of use and self-service, users can also register for courses and events that GI can manage online using automatic notifications. In this way, administrative work is facilitated and made more efficient.

Agile Collaboration around Challenges and Needs

The entire development process involved close collaboration in various phases, from the clarification of needs to a prototype process and a final design phase. A significant task lay in the integration with the underlying business systems of GI which had to be reconciled to relaunch on much simpler and user-friendly terms.

The Same Organisation in a More Visible and Accessible Version 

By collaborating with Compent, GI has gained a new website that makes it easier to communicate and contribute with relevant content and knowledge. GI has become more accessible for users and the public as everybody can access their content and help themselves freely. The new website has strengthened the overall visibility of GI which is better equipped to share information and help the building sector progress.

Our collaboration with Compent has been uncomplicated and straightforward. They understood our needs and managed to translate them into the right solution. Their team has a deep understanding of technology and challenged our views when it was necessary
Henrik Nellager, IT manager