Team Denmark launches an app for Danish top athletes

April 15, 2021 written by Jeppe Basse

Team Denmark serves the purpose of giving Danish top athletes the best possible working conditions, so they can perform optimally and live out their potentials. How do you make it easy for athletes to access information, manage activities and communicate with all key actors that are involved in their daily lives? Team Denmark was asking such questions when they approached us with the aim of improving their overall communication with athletes and making the everyday life easier for everybody in the organization.

The result of an ongoing collaboration

We have been on a journey with Team Denmark whom we have been collaborating with for a long time. Our ongoing collaboration has created the foundation of an advantageous, trust-based relationship that allows everyone to be honest and challenge each other with the desire to reach the best possible outcome. We have spent the past years developing an app for iPhone and Android with the aim of providing value for everybody in Team Denmark. Throughout the development process, we have collaborated closely and involved a variety of actors to make sure that the solution covers all needs and gives access to the exact content and features that elite athletes need. With the new app, Team Denmark is always within reach for the athletes who can find all communication, information and services in the same place. The app enables the athletes to manage all their activities with the minimum effort, so they can focus 100% on their sports. 

Team Danmark mobile app

Meaning and impact

It was important for Team Denmark to develop a tool that the athletes would like and want to use. The youth, in particular, prefer apps over web applications and email, and it was, therefore, obvious to develop an app that meets the athletes where they are.

The app is made for the athletes. All information must be easy to find and accessible 24/7. It must work 100% for the athletes, so they get the exact answers they need no matter where they are and what time it is. The app gathers all things in the same place and makes sure that Team Danmark is always within reach
Thomas Penter, IT-Chef, Team Denmark

Team Denmark decided to develop an app which is highly user-friendly and can be used intuitively. The app and its features can be optimised and refined to meet user needs on an ongoing basis.

100% Relevant content

The app is custom-made to Team Denmark and only includes a few carefully selected core features that are relevant for the athletes. It makes it easy to communicate directly to individual target groups and allows Team Denmark to be extremely precise in their communication. The app includes a real-time chat to ensure that messages are effectively transmitted among users. In addition to the apt communication tools, the app includes the following features:

  • Nutrition tool that assists the athletes in keeping track of their diets
  • OL manual which gives access to all information about OL in Tokyo 2021
  • Sports psychology to help the athletes focus on reaching their goals
  • 100% relevant newsfeed with the most recent news from the sports world

In addition to the features above, we are currently working on a full booking system that makes it possible to book treatments and appointments directly from the app.

A value-creating platform

With their new app, Team Denmark has created a platform that is super user-friendly and makes the organisation accessible at the individual athlete’s convenience. The app improves communication across the organisation and provides the foundation of better collaboration and results by beeing deeply integrated in the organisational systems. The app puts the athletes at the center and helps Team Denmark reach their goal of being 100% accessible for the atlethes and optimising their daily lives.