New version of Uintra on

November 1, 2017 written by Jeppe Basse

New Uintra version

Many intranets are developed on Umbraco, but no standard platform has existed for a long time that you have been able to use from our.umbraco. With Uintra it has become easier to develop an intranet on Umbraco without having to start from scratch. A short while ago we placed version on our.umbraco for free download. Among the new functions are groups, emoticons and comments on articles plus many small updates.


New collaboration features

The new version of Uintra now supports even more collaboration thanks to a range of sought-after features known also from networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

You might say groups and emoticons are not new inventions, but, as with many other uintra functions, they are based on known conventions and expectations about what you can do on a social platform.

More Wiki-based CMS functionality has also been added. It is now possible to comment on things and like things directly on the content pages.

We are currently in the process of preparing the next release package, which contains an entirely new notification management function for both email and in-app messages.

We expect to launch the package as an independent release in late November/early December.
We are also working on an official uIntra product page and on comprehensive updating of the basic graphic layout of Uintra.

You can download the most recent version of Uintra as NuGet or find more information at