Team Danmark

"Compent is one of our preferred providers - and a close sparring partner"

Thomas Penter, IT-Projects reponsible - TEAM DANMARK

FACTS: Compent has been preferred provider for Team Danmark on the .NET platform since 2009. Together, we made and a long line of internal systems.

Team Danmark

"Compent's SCRUM approach meant that we ended up with a better site"

Daniel Grube Pedersen, Cand.scient, Danish Nature Agency

FACTS: Compent started cooperation with the Danish Nature Agency in October 2012. Following the first project (migration of climate change adaption website -, we started working on another portal that will be launched end of February 2013.


"Compent delivered high code quality, and on time"

Esben Haldrup Eriksen, Lead W&S Engineer - VESTAS

FACTS: Since 2011, Compent has been an approved Vestas provider, delivering internal .NET based client-server system for Vestas Technology R&D

TV 2

"Compent delivers high quality and is a fantastic and creative development partner.”

Jannick Blaksmark, PR & Digital Marketing Manager - TV 2 DANMARK A/S

FACTS: Compent has made more digital campaigns in cooperation with TV 2. Compent has both been a technical supplier and a creative sparring partner within all the projects such as: The European Championships 2012, Top of the pops (2012), Danish Music Awards 2012 and 2013, Dicte season 2, The Fight Cancer Campaigns in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

TV 2

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By  Jeppe Basse 

Throughout last summer and autumn, we developed this year's interactive "Knæk Cancer" solution in close collaboration with TV 2. The digital map captured and presented data from physical relays to web and TV promotion via GPS and MMS. At first the campaign won European Promax BDA Gold in the category "Promotional Interactive Applications" and subsequently International Global Excellence Gold in the category "Interactive promotion".

By  Jakob Frandsen 

During the fall and winter 2014/2015 Compent developed a contact system that is adapted to Team Danmark's business which integrates all TD's different web applications with Exchange 2013. We launched the new "TD Contacts" just after Easter.

By  Jeppe Basse 

We just finished the implementation of the website Many people associate liming with something you used a hundred years ago for whitening churches and mansions, but the fact is that lime has many good and 100% environmentally-friendly features that can be used in modern construction. All at once the website seeks to tell the story of lime and about the options you have as a buyer of a lime product for housing (both inside and out), while it also makes the purchase of lime samples and lime products easy and intuitive in a narrative frame.


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