With Umbraco, you get a license-free and flexible CMS platform based on .NET

Umbraco is our only CMS

Compent is an Umbraco Gold Partner, we are dedicated to the platform, and we have used it since 2009. We are specialists also in development of Umbraco in relation to intranets with Uintra and Umbraco for webshops with Ucommerce

Umbraco CMS

Flexible and free CMS

There are many CMS platforms, but only a few are based on .NET and are open source platforms. Umbraco is the logical choice if you are looking for a flexible, lightweight CMS that offers everything you can think of in terms of basic CMS functionality.
Umbraco’s strength is the fact that it is very transparent and that the design does not restrict what you can do when you implement your website, intranet or webshop.

Cloud or classic

Umbraco was born as a classic open source CMS that can be installed on your own server. In this way you gain full control of both code and upgrades and you can make all necessary adaptations.
In the same way as other Saas providers, Umbraco Cloud offers automatic updates and surveillance, including new functionality that goes with the hosting model. What we should opt for depends entirely on the solution that you wish to implement.

Umbraco awards
22. May 2018

Umbraco awards


History of Umbraco

From a small, Danish CMS to an internationally renowned tool

Umbraco is the story about a small open source .NET CMS that has evolved from a hobby project into an internationally renowned CMS that is used by many large organisations. What has provided Umbraco with its greatest strength and value has perhaps always been the company’s focus on simplicity. Other CMS suppliers build still more complex functions into their CMS, but Umbraco has since the beginning and until now stuck to a slim, flexible and lightning fast CMS. It works extremely well and is thoroughly tried and tested.

Compent and Umbraco

Compent was officially made an Umbraco partner in 2009, and Umbraco has been our primary CMS platform since the beginning. However, in 2014 we decided to make Umbraco our only CMS platform because we aimed to become the best in this field. We do not hesitate to say that we are Umbraco experts; we can provide consultancy at a very high level when it comes to Umbraco projects.
We have been very familiar with Umbraco all the way from version three, and recently we supplied Umbraco projects to customers such as, for example, TV 2, Team Danmark, FTFa, the Environmental Protection Agency in Denmark, Atea and many, many more...

Umbraco cases
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