Umbraco intranet, social sharing and collaboration

Umbraco intranet, social sharing and collaboration

Uintra is a framework on top of Umbraco that turns your Umbraco installation into a social network. It is typically used for intranets, open forums or internal knowledge-sharing.
By the help of Uintra you avoid having to build your entire platform from scratch and you can continually get new updates for it.
Uintra comes with an installation package when you download it from our.Umbraco. This means you get a complete intranet that only needs to be adapted to work with a membership database (AD, ADfs or another membership provider).

The standard installation includes the following that forms the basis of a communication site:

  • Central feed: simple postings, events and news
  • Search with auto suggest (Elastic Search-based)
  • Mail and in-app notifications
  • Groups
  • Panels: FAQ, video, text / picture, activities, etc.
  • System shortcuts, your own shortcuts

But the real strength of ulntra is that almost everything can be adjusted and changed and adapted to your organisation’s needs. All basic functionalities can be adapted and new functions can be added when your organisation needs it.

Visit Uintra.com here

Uintra cases
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