Ucommerce makes it easier to develop a flexible Ecommerce solution based on Umbraco.

Ucommerce solution partner

Compent is a Ucommerce Solution Partner and we have worked with Ucommerce since 2013.

Umbraco with uCommerce

Ucommerce provides a lot of functionality out of the box, so you do not have to develop it yourself. But the best reason for using Ucommerce for an Ecommerce project is that you get a flexible framework that you can use as you wish. You can use the functionality offered by Ucommerce or you can develop custom functionality.
Either way you have the same flexibility as with Umbraco.

This means Ucommerce is ideally suited for ambitious e-trade projects.
When you go for Ucommerce, it is not simply because of new features. It is rather a strategic choice you make if you need a flexible platform that you can continually adapt to your business.

In any case we would like to mention a few central features that can be used with Ucommerce:

  • Purchase flow
  • Payment provider integration
  • Product catalogue
  • Coupon code and discounts
  • Related products
  • Differentiated prices
  • History

However, the features you get depend on whether you choose the free version, the professional version or the enterprise version.
All Ucommerce features and prices are shown here.

Shamballa Jewels global in-store sales platform

A short video that shows the internal processing and how the 3D jewelry designer is used for retailers all over the world. 
Read the case story here.

Ucommerce Cases
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