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Workflow Systems

Digitalization of operating schedule and housing service

With support from the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s pool for experiments within housing, fsb and Compent have developed an open source task management system for efficiency-improvement of property management. The system automates how administrations allocate tasks to their council estates and how these tasks are then communicated to local offices and staff. 

Fsb administers more than 12,000 homes and this workflow is a critical tool for managing daily operation and service of the entire organisation. The system was launched in 2017 and has facilitated a great change in the way in which fsb manages operation of housing and service.

This is how it works (Danish video)

eDrift. Nomination video about The Danish Social Housing Sector’s award in the category ‘operation.’ 

The project´s background

eDrift can be used for housing management in several industries, but has been tailor-made for the council housing sector in terms of types of tasks, organisation, etc. The system has been designed on the basis of user analyses of the three most common units of a council housing organisation – administration, local administrators and caretakers – who are considered to be representative of the sector.

eDrift also makes it possible to efficiency-improve daily operation at individual council estates. An overview of tasks at a council estate makes it easier to handle operational staff’s resources in an optimum way and also contributes to better service for residents.

What does the system do for fsb


No tasks are forgotten and tasks can be planned flexibly at individual council estates.


Guides are easily accessible, which means tasks are performed correctly.

Resource management

Resources and planning can be handled efficiently.


All performed tasks are documented, and you can see who is responsible and where and when it has taken place.


Statistics on types of tasks makes it is easy to see what is being prioritized.

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