BIOFOS – intranet and website



BIOFOS is Denmark’s largest waste water company and runs three plants that purify water for 1.2 million people in the capital area. In 2016 we launched their intranet and we are currently in the process of completing their public, new website (launch expected in February 2018).
BIOFOS did not choose a classic standard intranet system (such as, for instance, Sharepoint) because they were conscious of the fact that staff adaptation, user-friendliness, mobile phone optimisation and, above all, load speed, were critical concerns. We made use of focus groups and prototype sessions right from the beginning as a part of a large preliminary analysis to uncover all needs in the organisation. Only when all organisational and representative staff groups’ needs had been clarified was actual development of the intranet begun.

Development was carried out by means of agile methods over four months where things were revised and modified at three week intervals. In this way both BIOFOS’s steering group and staff had great influence on how the intranet was to work. When the final intranet was launched in November 2015, it was quickly accepted in the organisation as an everyday tool that fulfils all the primary functional needs that should be fulfilled by a unifying intranet for the entire BIOFOS organisation.

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